Ilhaam Banoobhai-Anwar

The culinary lecturer with a passion for teaching and sharing of knowledge.

Ilhaam Banoobhai-Anwar was born and raised in Durban until 1995, when her family moved to Cape Town. She studied at the Cape Town Hotel School (CPUT)  in Granger Bay with the hopes of one day opening her own restaurant. She completed her diploma in 2006 and her BTech degree in 2007. In 2009 she was appointed as a Junior Culinary Lecturer at the Cape Town Hotel School.

During the course of lecturing at CPUT for 11 years, Ilhaam has won various awards as well as being promoted to Lecturer in 2018. She has taught thousands of students from first year to third year and mentored many more. In 2017, Ilhaam graduated with her Masters Degree and has a published article in a peer reviewed journal.

Successful Food Blog: My Hungry Husband

My Hungry Husband started in late 2017 as a blog, inspired by bringing her knowledge to a wider audience, she started sharing her weekly meals and easy recipes on Instagram and posting them to for anyone to access and use. In January 2020, her husband decided to start MHH Foods, a registered company that manufactures and sells frozen food products based on her recipes.

#NextBoschChef Winner in Cape Town

On the 29th February 2020 she won The #NextBoschChef competition and will be bringing her knowledge and passion for food to the BSH Kitchen in Cape Town.

Bosch Cooking Classes

Join Ilhaam for one of her upcoming cooking classes to learn from a real pro. Ilhaam’s popular Dim Sum classes are always a hit and not to be missed!

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